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Once the epicenter of the original bohemian scene in New York in the first half of the 20th century, Greenwich Village epitomizes all that is downtown New York culture. A stroll through the village presents a dizzying array of personalities and architecture, ranging from the staid and serene Gold Coast to the rowdy and raucous Washington Square. Boasting some of the best restaurants, bars, theatres, and music venues in the city, the Village serves whatever lifestyle you desire in ample portions.


Bordered by 14th Street to the north, Houston Street to the south, Broadway to the east, and Sixth Avenue to the West, Greenwich Village is located right at the geographical heart of downtown Manhattan. Right at its center lies the newly renovated Washington Square Park, one of the most eclectic and majestic parks in the city. Its architecture is comprised mainly of mid-rise apartment buildings and 19th-century townhouses and brownstones, along with some unique converted low-rise loft buildings.


Once a rural hamlet far north of the original settlement of Manhattan, this neighborhood’s name is an adaptation of the original Dutch name Groenwijck, meaning “Green District.” In 1811, streets in the Village were reconstructed and rerouted to fit into the grid pattern starting at Sixth Avenue and extending all the way to the East River, making the area much easier to navigate than the neighboring West Village. Known as a landmark on the map of American bohemian culture, Greenwich Village became an enclave for avant-garde culture around the turn of the 20th century. Although real estate prices in this desirable neighborhood have risen dramatically since then, the area still maintains a distinctly downtown feel by continuing to house some of the city’s most celebrated creative talents along with many famous Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway, jazz, and rock venues.